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      Welcome to Hangzhou Huatai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.!

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      Indoor Full Color LED Display-P10mm

      Products details:

      Indoor Full Color Display uses the red, green, &nbsp;blue trinity lamps as radiation apparatus to revert the nature color. It adopts the advanced independent visual controller as its control system, optical fiber to transmit controlling signal independent case structure. It is the most advanced outdo led planar display at present.

      Technical Parameters

      Model: P10&nbsp; (SMD1-in-1)
      Item: &nbsp; Item: &nbsp;
      Pitch size: 10mm Vistual Angle: 145/120 degree
      Pixel Density: 10000dots/SQM Best View Distance: 10-75 meters
      Pixel Contents: 1R1G1B Protection: IP 31
      LED Data: Red:?d(620-625nm) IV:(150-200 mcd) Module size: 320mm*160mm
      Green:?d(520-525nm) IV:(260-330 mcd) Resolution / Module: 32*16=512
      Blue:?d(465-470nm) IV:(55-65 mcd) Total Module/ Cabinet: 24
      Maximum Power: 825 W/SQM Cabinet size: 1280mm*960mm
      Average Power: 280 W/SQM Resolution/ Cabinet: 128*96
      Brightness: &gt;=1050 CD/SQM &nbsp; &nbsp;