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      Welcome to Hangzhou Huatai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.!

      Products center

      Indoor Single Color LED Display-P7.62mm

      Products details:

      Indoor single color display uses single red or green LED as display apparatus to show single red or green color.Can show simple words and pictures.

      Technical Parameters

      Type HTSI-500
      Pixel Diameter 5mm
      Pitch 7.62mm
      Pixel Contents 1red, or 1 green
      Pixel Density 17200 pixels /m2
      Color Red or Green
      Gray Scale 256
      Scan Method 2010--1-16
      Unit Board Dimension 488mm×244mm
      Pixels on unit board 64×32 pixels
      Brightness 150CD/ m2
      Visual Angle ±80 o
      Working Temperature -20?~~+80?
      Volt 220V / 110V
      Maximum Power 200W/ m2
      Average Power 100W/ m2
      Refresh Rate 180Hz
      Life Time 100000&nbsp; hours
      Communication Method UTP(TCP/IP), Optical Fiber
      Unit Board Weight 2.0 Kg
      MTTF 5000 hours
      Blind Dot Percentage 0.1‰